Photoblog 101 | Lazi Convent

A few days ago, I (including family), traveled to the Mystic Island, Siquijor. We were actually there for a different purpose but seeing this might be the only chance I’d have my summer vacation before summer class starts again (hopefully, I’d pass all my subjects to proceed).

In this photo blog, I would feature my camera’s panorama skills. Yes, I seldom use panorama since most of the time, the focus would fit into the frame but it didn’t here so I took the liberty of using the panorama setting on my camera.

So, here it is! Only two shots out of the many. You can click on the image for full view.

TRIVIA:  Lazi Convent is [one of] the oldest and largest convent in Asia.

Lazi Convent_001

Lazi Convent_002


Starting the New Year with The Bang!

So New Year is here! Fireworks are everywhere! I really enjoyed watching the fireworks in a 360 degree view! I was on the rooftop running around taking pictures of the colors that spark everywhere and not to mention I have failed every time.

So this year, I got a new digital camera and nothing is more awesome with its Fireworks setting. I could say, my shots are indeed better than last year’s.

It’s New Year so what’s new? I believe that I have become more studious. It’s funny to recognize this but compared to last year, I can finally feel the hardness of the course I am taking so slacking is really not an option. I prefer things this way though. It’s good for me!

Let me tell you about the shots I got. Out of 56 shots, only 6 were considered acceptable and 2 out of 6 are better. The best thing about this Fireworks setting is that even when I zoomed to fullest, it didn’t affect the picture at all (it will only affect once you have shaky hands).

So here are my BEST SHOTS! 🙂

Have an awesome NEW YEAR 2013!








I was at Bo’s again!

11th of December. So I was at Bo’s Coffee again, the second time, after I decided to ride solo in studying for Hematology exam.

Tell you what I like most about coffee shops in general:

  1. The Ambiance – the music, the set-up of those chairs, the smell of brewing coffee and the people who just looked like they just went out and sit at random coffee shops.
  2. The Sweets – of course, coffee shops don’t only offer coffee but compliments to coffee as well — cakes, muffins, croissants, even breakfast is on their menu!
  3. The Coffee – what is a coffee shop without a coffee? Black, with sugar and cream, frappe with that semi-sweet cream on top, cold or hot, name it, all coffee shops have it.

I ordered one of their Holiday Specials, Toffee Nut Chocochip — your signature Frozen Cappuccino with a yummy mix of caramelized nuts and chocolate bits (description provided by Bo’s Coffee Blog)






MACRO | Doughnuts

My previous post was all about Krispy Kreme and now it’s still Krispy Kreme! HAHAHA! So much for doughnuts. I am practicing macro shots recently. I have tons of pictures in macro but still have to edit them.

For now, lemme show you some doughnuts at another angle. Took me 47 shots (including the non-macro) and here are my best photos: